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GENERADORES NUÑEZ We are passionate technical team for the development of new engineering , and the conversion of generators for adaptation to gas as fuel. We are two brothers who lead a team of professionals committed to working with ethics, commitment , strength , investment in training and technology , striving to be ever more efficient . Since the development of engineering and production to delivery and customer service . Our organization is designed to produce the best result.

What do we do

Our experience in developing products for the CNG industry allows us to become solution providers to the needs of our customers. Given the need to deepen the decline of the inconvenience caused by the fuel in generators , we have developed a system to have the possibility of using gas as fuel. The converted generators significantly improve the level of pollution mind . the problems that brings about the decomposition of fuel such as the carburetor clogged , dirty or tank with gasoline oxide , are completely eliminated carbonized spark plugs etc.

Our work

All our products are developed with 3D design tools , integrated technological equipment and latest generation software , thus engineering and machining the parts work using a field conducive to success . For all this it is that we want to be a company that achieve excellence in each of its products and services; to meet customer needs .


Conversion to Natural Gas Generators or carafe.

The advantages of converting a gas generator

  • The cost of gas operation is incredibly lower than the cost of running petrol.
  • A gas always starts , usually capped petrol carburetor make it very difficult start.
  • The spark plug is not pasted.
  • I do not need to rush out to buy drums loaded with naphtha.
  • Does not produce unpleasant odors , and is much more environmentally friendly , emissions are reduced by 40%.
  • Not lose power to liquefied gas, gas network and the decrease in power is minimal.
  • You can also use petrol when you want it , this system does not cancel the operation naphtha.

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